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Mar 14, 2013

A couple of years ago, I hosted a casual Easter playdate for the little ones at my house. There was one simple rule printed on the invitation: bring something (anything – think dollar stores and Target bins) for each child that would be attending. After all the RSVPs came back, I texted everyone that planned on attending the total number of children that would be there. I purchased some Easter baskets and grass and stamped kids’ names on ribbons that were hung from the basket handles. Each parent came with 8 of the same thing.

Eggs were hidden around the house, and finger food was served. The kids had so much fun, I’ve decided to host another this year. This party was such a stress-free way to get everyone together without too much planning.

There were coloring books, cups of play doh, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and even fun little tie-on bunny tails made by Paige from Paiges of Style - so cute!

Oh how I miss these precious days!

Word on the street is these things are pretty tasty. I wanted to test it out before I surprised the husband with this little treat on St. Patrick’s Day. Drinking beer with ice cream in it is pretty much awesome on a Monday morning. For science.


Guinness beer

Vanilla Ice cream (or some sort of Irish Creme would be delicious)

Ground sugar/chocolate/coffee bean – Get this grinder at Trader Joe’s (and Amazon? apparently?)!

Garnish with clovers.

I have to admit, I’m not a giant Guinness fan, but this was actually pretty delicious. I’m feeling great for a Monday afternoon! Wheeeee!

I am LOVING this little project we did for Victoria at A Subtle Revelry – how fun is this? Advent-style Easter eggs! We hollowed out each egg, filled them with goodies, sealed them up with washi tape, and painted them pretty. To see how it’s done and to get some great stuffer ideas, check out this tutorial.

Spring is right around the corner, I swear.


This time of year is tricky. We desperately want winter to be over. ¬†The suggestion that spring is near is popping up inside every store, Easter baskets are everywhere. All the clothing stores are filled with shorts and swimwear. But I’m pretty sure IT’S STILL SNOWING.

I hosted a little dinner last night and was trying to come up with an appropriate beverage, something not too heavy and wintery (I’ve had one or seven too many spiked coffee/cocoa/ciders). I figured citrus is always promising, so threw this together and instantly felt the spring cheer. It could have been the vodka.

Ingredients: Sparkling soda, citrus infused vodka, squeezed clementine, pomegranate seeds. Isn’t this drink so pretty?

It may be 37 degrees outside, but I’m wearing flip flops today!


Last week for her birthday, Elle got a package of¬†Wikki Stix¬†and I have to say, these might be my favorite things ever!¬†Since then, we’ve discovered they also make fun dessert toppers and pretty bubble wands.

Bubble Heart Wand

We hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!!! xoxo

Fun fact: You can make stamps out of foam stickers. Cheap, easy, and life changing (OK for me it was…)! Elle really wanted to play with stamps this week, and I’ve been meaning to get started on the family Valentines that we’ll be sending in the mail… but I didn’t have any Valentines-y stamps. I did, however, have Valentines-y foam stickers. A little improvising and we solved our problem.

Simply put a foam sticker on a bottle cap/ milk top/ anything flat really…. and stamp away! These make a great tool for DIY valentines… SO MUCH COOLER than the CVS boxed cards :)

We took things a step further and painted some slightly watered down glue on the stamps and added glitter, because everything is better with glitter, obviously. This includes my counters, my dog, and the entire kitchen floor.

DIY stamps

Foam Stamps

DIY stamp

You know Valentine’s Day is only two weeks away, right?

Over the last couple of years, I think I’ve been doing a pretty good job keeping my two (almost three!!) year old away from a lot of the high-fructose-corn-syrup, hormone injected, corn infused, sulfate/paraben loaded foods and products. I will admit, when we go out to eat or if we hit up a birthday party, Elle can have all the food colored sugary drinks she wants. But when we are home, my pantry and our bellies are full of all natural products, local produce and meat, organic milks, and our bodies and house are cleaned with (mostly) worry-free products.

I recently came across an article about ANOTHER food color (blue #1) being added to the growing list of dangerous dyes. Read this, too. Scary stuff!

With Valentines day approaching and a little baker who enjoys kitchen time as much as I do, I wanted to find some natural alternatives, because quite honestly – colored frosting is FUN! Turns out beets are perfect for dying things pink, which is Elle’s favorite color (sigh) and exactly what we need for Valentine’s Day.

While food processing the beets, we found a fun and safe way to “tattoo”. We just strained the juice into a little bowl and used a paintbrush to create a tiny heart on her hand. Mommy has one too, so thats great.

If you decide to try this out – make sure you keep your juice away from anything stainable. We had to do a couple of layers to get the heart dark enough for Her Majesty. Most of this will come off after a good bath, but it will stain the skin for a day or two, which was the goal. Try making a stencil out of painters tape, or painting a streak in lighter colored hair!

Also for my fellow chemical free mamas and papas – Piggy Paint is a GREAT non-toxic nail polish that we love! They even have heart Nail Art for Valentine’s Day :)

Time to frost the pink cupcakes!



After 38297483 tea parties with my 2 year old, I thought it would be fun to make “real tea” that was kid friendly and easy to make. Check out this handmade valentine I¬†created for A Subtle Revelry, all you need is dehydrated fruit, coffee filters, thread, and water -you can even “brew” it in cold water. Free printable included!

Kid's Tea DIYTea DIYKid's DIY Tea

I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be A Subtle Revelry contributor from time to time. Victoria is so talented and creative and I always turn to her for inspiration. When she asked me to join her crew I was flattered! I’m looking forward to working with her once again. My first DIY that will be featured is this fun antler gift topper. Let’s face it – antlers are SO HOT right now. I love this trend! I really want to incorporate them into our Christmas this year, so I came up with these cute little toppers. ¬†They don’t take much time to make and they’re perfect little “extras” to give as a gift.

Check out the tutorial here: A Subtle Revelry.

Sharing a fun little side that I decided to make this year – I really think these are the perfect way to incorporate cranberries into our Thanksgiving meal without having to look at a can-shaped “sauce” that nobody really eats anyway.

Just soak the cranberries in bourbon in the morning (you can even do it for a few days depending on how much chest hair you want after snacking…). Roll them in sugar, and they’re ready. You can add a little brown sugar or cardamom, and even add orange zest or cloves to the bourbon before soaking.


They’re perfect for a post-dinner pre-dessert treat.¬†This litte dish takes only minutes of preparation and looks so pretty on the table!